ProxyBlaze provides a level 1 100% anonymous proxies located in the USA with a 100 Mbps dedicated line.

Although the internet offers much more anonymity that other ways of communications, you still can be tracked by a government or powerful company who has the financial and technical means to track people online. There are different ways through which one can hide the online activity, like using public computers or networks. However, the best way to hide your tracks are private proxies. When you connect to a server, it must know the address where the server should send the data, that is how anyone can track you. But if you connect through a proxy, the server will not be able to find out who is the last recipient of the data. Some proxy servers unfortunately are not reliable at hiding this information, and you are still exposed to attacks or people who want to track you.

ProxyBlaze provides much better proxies solutions than anyone else on the market. If you are a SEO company, you do not want to provide the same services from the same IP, as companies like Google, or Facebook can detect the masses of queries and block your IP. While if you are using a proxy, you can be rest assured that your own IP will not be detected, and hence will not be blocked. When you get a Proxy address for ProxyBlaze, you can be rest assured that it is private, and it will not be shared with any other clients. The proxies are high anonymous level 1 using https/sockets5 technology. No matter what are your needs, you will easily be able to accomplish them, because ProxyBlaze proxies have a high range of ports, from 10k to 65k. Furthermore, once you get a proxy, you do not have to worry that the online address will change. You will keep the same IP address until you request a new one. Other proxy providers do not offer such a reliable speed and usually are up only during the day, while ProxyBlaze proxies are 97% up and running 24/7. Configuring the proxy is easy, and you can use the information for any of the proxy apps.

If you want the best private proxies on the web, you must choose ProxyBlaze

About ProxyBlaze:
ProxyBlaze is a company that offers a wide range of online services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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