DOGTOLOGY - A Humorous Exploration of Man’s Fur-ocious Devotion to Dogs, Updated Second Edition By Jeff Lazarus

“I think the concept of Dogtology is as fresh and unique as Chicken Soup for the Soul was two decades ago.” —Jack Canfield, co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“Funny and fresh, Dogtology is the definitive book of wisdom for anyone who believes in dog!”
—Nancy Levine, author of The Tao of Pug series (with Wilson the Pug)

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, author Jeff Lazarus tells in an LOL way how Dogtology is a belief that recognizes Dog as a genuinely “elevated” being and there are these Dogtologists who aren’t just fond of dogs – they laud them and plan their days/nights around the needs and wants of Dog. DOGTOLOGY: A Humorous Exploration of Man’s Fur-ocious Devotion to Dogs, is an updated second edition by Jeff Lazarus, (Publication: November 7, 2017; Skyhorse Publishing; Pets; ISBN-13: 978-1510726444; eBook/Hardcover: $14.95; 40 Dog Photos) which tells the story of man’s longstanding, fanatical devotion to dog.

Dog-tol-o-gy (noun)
1. The belief in Dog
2. The system of rituals, practices, and behaviors engaged in by Dogtologists

A whimsical, satirical celebration of the relationship between dogs and humans patterned after a religious text, Dogtology will resonate with dog lovers from all walks of life and every creed. Each of the seven chapters with 40 photos reveal additional proof that humans have a deep need to believe in something more ideal than themselves. Devotees of Dogtology will see themselves illustrated in the same system of rituals, practices and behaviors personified by other devoted orders the world over. Chew On This:

The Book of Bones – Defining Dogtology: its definition, its roots, and its DOG-MA

The Book of Leashes – Experiencing man’s attachment to Dog –emotionally, spiritually & literally

The Book of Collars – Witnessing man’s humanization of Dog

The Book of Barks – Observing the communication between man and Dog

The Book of Hydrants – Recognizing the rites and rituals of Dogtology

The Book of License – Asking oneself: who owns whom?

The Book of Realizations – Accepting and discovering Dogtology

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The veritable shrines humans build to their dogs—in their homes, around their communities, and in the media ---are proof positive that Dogtology is indeed a bone-a-fide belief system that stands proudly alongside all the other great –isms and –ologies of the world. Have you been drinking the Dog’s water?

About the Author:
Jeff Lazarus is a leadership coach, speaker, trainer, adjunct professor, and creative who innovates and builds roads not yet traveled. He has an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BA in interpersonal and organizational communication from California State University, Long Beach. He combined his passion for animals with his teachings on communication releasing Listen Like a Dog in 2016. Lazarus is a serious dog lover and advocate. After finally having his Cat Mitzvah, way past age thirteen, he wrote the whimsical book Catakism. For more information about his books and other Dogtology-themed products by Jeff Lazarus, please visit his website:

DOGTOLOGY: A Humorous Exploration of Man’s Fur-ocious Devotion to Dogs by Jeff Lazarus
Publication: November 7, 2017; Skyhorse Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1510726444; eBook/Hardcover: $14.95; 40 photos

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QUIZ: Are YOU a Dogtologist?
Do you count yourself among the millions of DOG followers? Are you drinking from the dog water bowl? Author Jeff Lazarus asks the reader to be honest with themselves. Are YOU experiencing these symptoms of Dogtology:

When watching a movie are you more concerned about the wellbeing of the dog than an entire city of humans being wiped off the map?

Have you canceled plans with a date or your friends to stay home with Twinkles?

Do you enjoy watching the antics of “Doug the Pug” on FB during lunch hour than actually going out for lunch?

Your wallet, iPad cover, laptop, sweatshirts and car windows have paw print decals and you display “I Heart Rescue Dogs” on every item you own

You only send greeting cards for holidays with phrases like “Muzzle Tov” or “Happy Bark Mitzvah” or “Happy Barktism”

You relentlessly email, Facebook post, Pinterest pin dog photos, dog-toons, dog videos and dog PowerPoint slideshows to everyone on your contact lists on every social media platform regardless of the thundering silence and lack of “likes” you receive in response.

Your dog groomer knows that the concept of “drop the dog off” does not apply to you, and you are allowed to wait in the staff lounge where you are given status reports every 15 minutes

You give holiday gifts to and from your dog – and spend more time getting these exactly right than you do your gifts for humans.

You happily purchase high-priced “gourmet” treats, such as “pupcakes” and “tail mix bars” for your hound while you live on Ramen Noodles to save on costs.

You understand the sole purpose for which cell-phone cameras were invented: to capture cunning and hilarious shots of dogs behind the steering wheels of cars … wearing sunglasses … and wearing Scottish beanies!

** Did you answer “Yes” to any of these indicators? Give yourself a dog treat because you are a bone-a-fide Dogtologist!
Pet Dates to Remember:

Senior Pet Month

Pet Diabetes Awareness Month

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week - 1st full week of Nov by The Humane Society of the United States

Adopt a Senior Pet Month. By ASPCA.

National Pet Awareness Month.

Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) and the Animal Cancer Foundation.

National Dog Show. Always broadcast in the US on Thanksgiving, this event is held at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania and is hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. Sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, the event features 2,000 dogs.

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