20, July 2017: Betty Vaughn is a writer who is well known for her novels, especially those belonging to the genre of historical fiction. She has received numerous awards for her books;'Run, Cissy, Run', 'The Man in the Chimney ', 'Turbulent waters', and 'The Intrepid Miss LaRoque', under the category of historial fiction from the NC Society of Historians. Her latest book 'Tiger's Code' is ready to be launched and promises the same excitement, adventure and action-packed plot that are the trademarks of her work.

Mrs. Vaugh received awards for writing while she was in school and even after that. Being a graduate from East Carolina University as well as a prize-winning water colorist, she pursued a career in teaching AP art history and painting. Later she took up writing and her first novel was 'Yesterday's Magnolia'.

Mrs. Vaughn's latest novel follows the protagonist Quint Cord, who does not fit the bill as a conventional spy. The character has access to the 'idea life' coming from a family with sufficient money. However, his talent to break and create computer codes is noticed by the CIA and that is how he ends up working as a CIA spy. Quint's latest assignment demands him to break a code in time so as to prevent disastrous events from taking place. This plot is set against the background of an alliance forged between a powerful politician and a Saudi prince, which threatens to throw the Western World into a state of turmoil.

Apart from this there is an element of mystery with regard to an enemy who has Quint as the target and is determined to kill him. The plot keeps the readers guessing whether Quint; who has his way with codes just as a computer, will be able to hack the code and save all that is at stake? Or will his murder end the story? The book may be able to intrigue the readers due to its suspense. The plot makes it relatable as an international concern that all nations are faced with in present times whilst being a thriller.

Mrs. Vaugh has been described as a seasoned writer by many of her critics. She is observed to taken up issues from everyday life or those that people may be able to relate to. It also includes situations faced by individuals during the current political scenario. However, the beauty of her work remains in her mastery of literary technique, which enables her to use words in a way that do not make them sound superficial, farfetched or boring. Her ability to keep the readers interested in the story to the very end bears testimony to her experience and skill.

About Betty J. Vaughn:

Betty J. Vaughn has authored several Civil War titles over the years. Some of her books that had been popular included Run, Cissy, Run, The Man in the Chimney,Turbulent waters, The Intrepid Miss LaRoque, with other unique titles as Yesterday's Magnolia and Tiger's Code.Mrs. Vaugh is currently working on here second Quint Cord novel.

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