Biometric Wallet is a technologically superior solution to protect sensitive information. The wallet is a secure handheld device that secures financial, healthcare and other sensitive information. The remarkably innovative security wallet offers protection against all the new kinds of cyber threats to personal identification and eliminates the risk of a security failure. Moreover, the wallet has been introduced in many different styles including Mosaic, Diamond Dazzle, Black Panther and several other combinations.

“We are introducing this Biometric Wallet as a secure handheld standalone electronic device with a visual color touchscreen, a full operational menu and simple user buttons.” Said the spokesperson of Security Biometrics Corp. while talking about the features of this wallet. “This wallet is biometrically protected with the global cloud and we have divided it into 3 major sectors that ensure secure identification, health/911 and banking.” He added. The American company that created this wallet is based in Boston and was founded by Joseph Gangi.

Besides sensitive information, users can also upload all their government ids such as driver’s license, passport, state id, or any other form of identification that they wish to secure. Moreover, users can also use this wallet to transfer their medical history with their doctor electronically. Another great feature of this wallet is that it is secured with GPS technology and nobody else but the owner can use it.

The biometric wallet is available online and users can select their biometric wallet today from a wide range of variations and designs available through the following link:

About Biometric Wallet

Biometric Wallet is a handheld standalone electronic wallet that is secure, technologically sophisticated, and offers a wide range of amazing features with endless benefits. Created by Security Biometrics Corporation, a Boston based American company, the wallet is going to reshape the way people secure their identification and sensitive information.

Contact Person: Joseph Gangi
Company: Security Biometrics Corp.
Address: 8 Faneuil Hall North Market Place 3rd-floor, Boston, MA, USA
Phone: 877.767.0243
Email: [email protected]

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