SmartMicroOptics has appointed Architaly in the role of exclusive distributor of the BLIPS LENS technology across the Gulf Region

The BLIPS LENS technology, developed after years of studies and researches operated by SmartMicroOptics - a spin off company of the Italian Institute of Technology - is able to transform every smartphone or tablet into a powerful MACRO-LENS CAMERA, for extremely detailed pictures and videos, or even to become a real professional photo-video MICROSCOPE, allowing students to develop amazing science researches.

The low cost of this incredible "Made in Italy" technology allows schools to save large amounts of money to be spent into Lab tools, and students to enjoy a unique way to use their own smartphone or tablet.
At the same time, it stimulates everyone's sense of research and curiosity, inspiring to familiarize with the macro-photography.

BLIPS LENS technology has obtained a worldwide appreciation and several awards, including successful crowdfunding campaigns.

With this agreement between SmartMicroOptics and Architaly Group based in Dubai, now the BLIPS LENSES are available across all the Gulf Countries (GCC).

Architaly is based in Dubai since 2013, very well known for their sustainability and innovation projects, such as the Dubai Solar Schools Programme, the Schools’ Green Team Programme, the Solar Mobility Programme, and more recently the joint venture with Lazzarini Design for the distribution of the Jet Capsule (smart water commuter) across the GCC & Asia.

Prof. David Provenzani, managing director of Architaly, announced the partnership with SmartMicroOptics stating: “we are very proud to support such a wonderful technology.  We intend to work hard, for BLIPS LENSES to become a must across the GCC countries and particularly among schools. With BLIPS, every smartphone or tablet can obtain superpowers, improving the capabilities to take high quality pictures and videos, for leisure or for research purposes”.

Continues Provenzani: “I personally express my deepest thanks to Dr. Andrea Antonini, CEO and founder of SMartMicroOptics, choosing Architaly in order to spread their unique products across the Gulf Region”.
BLIPS LENSES are available in 3 different models: Basic Macro Kit, Full Macro Kit, Lab Kit (microscope).

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Contact Name:
Prof. David Provenzani
Responsible for the Gulf Region
Ph. +971.50.2853247
Email: [email protected]

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