With the increasing interest of users towards Magento products, the awareness of the news of the platform has become crucial for the clients of the company. To meet the needs of the target audience, the developers of Blog.mageworx.com have decided to provide users with up-to-date and the most important Magento and eCommerce news, guides and reviews.

Blog.mageworx.com is a blog created by Mageworx team of experts with the only goal in mind - to collect all the company guides, news and reviews all in one place. It involves dozens of informative posts with tips & tricks about Magento and eCommerce secrets and features. This is the blog section, where everyone can find out valuable eCommerce tips to increase the profitability and success of a Magento-powered online store. The section involves posts about the efficacy of chatbots in eCommerce, improvement of customer retention rates, the use of social networks in boosting online store success, modern banner ad design trends, widespread conversion mistakes, alluring Magento online store designs and other suchlike posts.

For all those users, who are encouraged to find out more about the online shops created with the platform, the blog offers interesting case studies of real Magento eCommerce stores. Some of the most informative case studies the section involves are the Liesegang & Partner Magento Upgrade, Zakwatch.ch SEO Configuration Case Study, Naturkost.com Magento Upgrade, Case Study for Tassenfuzzi.De, to mention a few.

The developers of Blog.mageworx.com believe that the blog will provide users with valuable information about new case studies, extensions, updates, services, latest eCommerce trends, company news and other related facts. This should eventually contribute to the ease of search, making it simpler for Mageworx clients to find out related information they may be interested in. This is what they tell about the blog and its purpose: “We realize well how important it is for our clients to be aware of the current products, updates and news. From now on, everyone can make use of the chance to explore the latest Magento news, marketing and development trends, best practices and cases for increasing Magento store sales! ”

About the Company:

Blog.mageworx.com is a web-based resource developed by Mageworx experts with the only idea in mind - to provide their clients and users, who are interested to find out more about the company, its services and products, with recent information regarding the latest news, eCommerce trends, case studies, Magento secrets and tips, marketing tricks and other facts they might need when managing their Magento-powered online stores. The blog is regularly updated and available 24/7.

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