has come up as the trusted guide for anything one would have to know about shower radios, latest Bluetooth radio and wireless speakers.

City; July 3, 2017: has reportedly emerged at the absolute resource for waterproof radio and speaker. The site primarily caters to ardent music lovers who need music even while in shower but don’t know how to play it safe and sound. The platform is also a portal of choice for outdoor enthusiasts who love to have nice music by beach or pool side yet without damaging their equipment.

“A cool shower gets even more entertaining when you have your favorite FM or AM station playing on the radio. But it’s dangerous to carry traditional radios in the bathroom with all their wires. On the other hand, if you play it loud in your room so that the sound reaches till the bathroom, everyone else around might not be too game with that. I know it’s a common problem with many music lovers who want to listen to radios in shower. Thus, I have come up with an ultimate guide on waterproof speakers and radio to help you with the best suggestions on how to relish music in shower- but without putting your life in danger and without disturbing others around. It has got the invaluable insights that you have been looking for so long”, stated Thomas, the man behind

A gadget expert himself, his main focus is on Bluetooth shower radio & Bluetooth shower speakers. He stressed on carrying extensive research on all the latest and plausible Bluetooth radio & speaker gadgets in the market to ensure the most authentic advice for the readers.

The website is packed with buyer guides and reviews on a versatile host of Bluetooth shower speakers and radio. Visitors would get a detailed idea on the main features to look for while investing in a good shower radio. Thomas especially stresses on installation features, Bluetooth connectivity and water resistance capacity.

Added to the buying guide, also offers extensive review on a wide variety of Bluetooth shower speaker, radio and alarms. He has touched on all the major aspects that a user would need to check before making the final call. The best part is that every review concludes with a separate section on pros and cons to provide an overall picture of the product at a glance.

But what is expert’s pick for the readers and aspiring users?

“If you ask me about suggestions on most credible shower radio today, I would highly recommend Sony Shower Am Fm Weather Band Radio. It’s an amazing creation with host of cutting edge features. Added to incredible sounds and easy controls, the radio is packed with 20 memory random presets, easy-grip design, selectable automatic-off timer, digital clock and many more”.

To know more about shower radio from the expert, please visit the official website or contact them below.

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