Bath, UK - As the leading authority on interior design auctions for the last 22 years, Pro Auction are the go-to source for information on what’s hot, and what’s not in the world of interiors. The expert team at this luxury auctioneer has spoken: bold, statement furniture has lasting appeal which will continue well into this season and the next.

Statement pieces such as chandeliers or bold sofas are all the rage, offering a way of creating a real focal point within a wide variety of different spaces. Statement style is appearing everywhere this year, from boutique hotels adding extra fashion points to their lobbies and communal spaces with bold lighting fixtures or unusually patterned seating, to distinctive chairs, tables and even quirky statement shelving providing a new take on modern domestic living spaces.

The news emerges as fashion-savvy bidders begin to consider which pieces to invest in this summer, with a whole host of incredible finds on offer at Pro Auction’s upcoming London auction.

Pro Auction’s twelve yearly auctions draw crowds of over 1,000 bidders eager to get their hands on a unique new piece to help them make a grand style statement.

The company’s top tips for incorporating statement pieces throughout 2017 are to let the piece speak for itself within its new home, consider scale carefully when purchasing in relation to the space where the item will be placed, and to be playful in the selection of a statement interior piece. Pro Auction also advise keeping the area surrounding the chosen object as uncluttered as possible. By surrounding the statement piece with smaller, less vivid items and décor, it is enabled to truly fulfil its function as a talking point and interior design mainstay for many years to come.

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Pro Auction runs comprehensive auctions of stunning design and furniture throughout the UK and Europe.

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