Can Lessons Be Learnt from Other Nations?

This book sums up some of the important issues surrounding the poor progress made by majority of countries in Africa whilst arguing that economic models from the rest of the world can easily be copied and implemented in such countries. The book refers to the examplary progress made by Singapore, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, arguing that the economic development model in the UAE in particular, ( referred to as Zayednomics), can provide specific guidelines to African leaders, and decision makers in general. Despite touching on broad economic development issues, the author goes beyond discussing just poor leadership in Africa and touches on educational issues, attitude towards work, impression management, and the appalling dependency culture among some younger citizens of the continent.

As investors now focus on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) it is important to address the long list of issues that affect the development of the youth, the readiness of the labour force and several socio-psychological issues that hamper progress in the continent. As a contemporary key text, the book provides a discussion on fifty reasons why SSA is still underdeveloped as well as a summary of remedies necessary to transform the thinking of the next generation. A summary of the book is available in audio format here:

According to Vic Benuyenah (the author) the book can be of interest to anyone wanting to have a deeper understanding of why SSA is underdeveloped however, it can serve as a reference book for students of development studies, economics, psychology and indeed social science.

Region: Global/SSA
Book review: 2019
Country: United Kingdom