Great news has arrived for the booty lovers who want to make their small booty look big and flat butt look round and sexy as the Booty Bounce Jogger has been announced for them. The jogger is particularly designed to burn the calories twice as fast as the ordinary joggers while the user has to put half the effort to do that. It is the easiest and most affordable way to shape booty especially for those who do not get time out of their everyday routine of work and family life. It is designed to trim, tone and shape the booty like never before and the joggers are set to become a major sensation worldwide. Everyone will now have to say goodbye to the painful lunges, squats or any other exercise used to shape beauty because nothing can be more effective and enjoyable than the Booty Bounce Jogger.

The unique angled design is invented by the legendary Eddie Gaut, the Worldwide Ambassador of Fitnessâ„¢ and according to Eddie, the mechanism is going to be a global sensation. The Booty Bounce Joggers are scientifically proven to activate more beauty shaping muscles than the treadmills, stationary bikes or rebounders workout while consuming very less effort and this makes it unique, special, as well as effective.  In order to get everyone shape their booty in the most desirable way possible, the company is now seeking public support on Kickstarter. The goal of this healthy project is to raise CA$ 25,000 by Monday, May 1st, 2017 and everyone is welcome to support this project on Kickstarter.We offer great earlier bird deal to people who support us on kickstarter by May 1, 2017. Hurry up! Do not miss this great opportunity to be the first group of member to own this amazing product at such a great price!.

At a glance, the Booty Bounce Jogger activates 70% more fat burning muscles than stationary bikes, 65% more than treadmill workout, 60% more than lunges, 55% more than squats and 45% more than rebounders.  All funds raise through this Kickstarter campaign will go to the production of this amazing calorie burning and muscle toning solution and in addition to the manufacturing, the funds will also be used to market this project and let the world know about this great invention by Eddie Gaut. For generous contributions and more information, please visit the link below:

About This Project:

The Booty Bounce Jogger is a workout solution designed to shape the booty in the most scientifically proven way and without any fatigue or effort. The patent pending solution is invented by the fitness legend, Eddie Gaut and he is welcoming everyone around the world to come and support this project.

Contact Person: Isabella Fong
Company: Tweebaa Inc.
Address: 3601 Hwy 7, Suite 302, HSBC Tower, Markham, ON, Canada
Phone: 905-479-9969
Email: [email protected]

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