ESlog is web-based data presentation software that is used by borehole drilling companies and environmental specialists to report borehole logging data. This data is usually a comprehensive account of geologic formations that is determined either by visually inspecting extracted samples or by physical measurements done by tools or equipment placed beneath the ground.

Borehole logs or otherwise known as well logs are detailed records of the investigations that are done before well drilling or as a routine environmental or geotechnical study. Borehole logs can be used to determine soil composition, rock features, underground formations, sediment density or water depth. Borehole logging can also be used as part of a land mapping process. Bore logs can either be geological or geophysical. Mining companies often utilize bore logs to ascertain the availability of precious minerals before the actual mining commences.

ESlog is simple, efficient and quick to use borehole logging software for the visualization of environmental data. In creating borehole logs, data can be imported from ESdat Environmental Database Software or can be added manually from paper notes. For more information on ESlog see

ESlog presentation software is
• Easy to use in your browser.
• Requires no training.
• Is reliable. EScIS experienced scientists & developers providing market leading, practical solutions produce ESlog.

Information from ESdat is easily exported for ESlog. ESdat is a database system used by environmental specialists to validate, import, input and analyze environmental reports in the form of graphs, charts, maps tables and statistics. In importing data into ESlog from ESdat, Desktop version 5.1.32 or higher is needed.

About us:
EScIS provide environmental and groundwater database software, consultancy, advisory, programming, customization, implementation, and training services.

EScIS also develop and resell the ESdat suite of software. ESdat is used worldwide and is the most widely used environmental and groundwater data management and analysis package in the Asia / Pacific.
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