And eventgoers will now enjoy “Xpress Boarding”™ at the venue

San Diego – Bounce, San Diego’s own rideshare company, has entered a partnership with Valley View Casino Center, the city's premier destination for sporting events, family shows, and live entertainment. Valley View Casino Center is part of the AEG Facilities network of 100 venues worldwide, Valley View Casino Center provides the widest range of premium entertainment to over 750,000 people annually.

As the exclusive rideshare partner for large events at the venue, Bounce will provide the “Xpress Boarding”™ experience to eventgoers. Xpress Boarding™ is a unique system by which Bounce customers can be in a car in less than 20 seconds when leaving from San Diego’s Favorite® venue, after events.

Commenting on the partnership, Mark Potter, Founder & CEO of Bounce said, “Over the past few months, we’ve been on the ground at large events at Valley View Casino Center, testing Bounce’s unique “Xpress Boarding”™ system. Xpress Boarding™ has our cars queued up 40 feet from the front entrance and allows customers the quickest entrance to the first car and fastest exit from the event. Bounce customers avoid the frustrations they have with our competitors who charge a lot more, force riders to walk long distances to connect with their drivers and clog up the traffic flow with idle cars who are assigned to customers who are not ready to get in the car.. We found a great partner in Valley View Casino Center, which is as committed to customers as we are. We are delighted that we’ll work together to create best event experiences for San Diegans.”

And Kristi Reedy, the Director of Marketing for Valley View Casino Center, is in full agreement: “Our goal at Valley View Casino Center is to offer guests the best experience possible at each and every visit. Our team works very hard to make sure that happens from the moment guests pull into the parking lot to the minute they walk out of our doors. With Bounce as our rideshare partner, we now have the opportunity to provide exceptional service to guests on their way to the venue and after they leave. Bounce’s unique business model provides a fast and efficient exit for each guest that has no impact on traffic. Plus, we are proud to partner with a San Diego based business that shares the same standards of excellent service that we do.”

Bounce’s Xpress Boarding™ is a system that brings together several elements:

• An exclusive line-up of Bounce cars immediately outside the exit
• Bounce’s passionate owner-drivers committed to providing the best service
• A PIN-code-based express onboarding method
• Bounce associates with handheld terminal devices for instant “one swipe” onboarding

If customers download the Bounce Rider app at any time before or during the event, they will get a PIN code when they place an order on Valley View Casino Center’s property, and then can immediately get in the first available car at the event.

Even if they don’t have the Bounce Rider app, Bounce has a unique system of helping them order a ride on a terminal device that’s just as fast as ordering a ride via the app. After one swipe on the hand-held terminal devices, Customers will receive a text with their PIN code that they can give to the first available driver in the queue. All they need to do is just look for a Bounce associate with a handheld terminal device to swipe your credit card and … off they go. Bounce is currently offering a flat 25% introductory discount offer on all rides and vehicle classes.

The Bounce rider app can be downloaded from the website.

About Bounce:
Bounce is a ride-share company headquartered in San Diego. Bounce empowers drivers by offering generous income opportunities—beyond simply driving--and each Bounce driver is a shareholder in the company. Bounce’s compensation plan ensures that drivers have greater compensation opportunities than at any other rideshare company. The company seeks a true partnership with its owner-drivers and believes that offering better opportunities ignites a passion in drivers to provide superior ride experiences to customers. Bounce is also evolving as an exclusive-event rideshare specialist in San Diego. With offerings such as ‘Xpress Boarding’ at events, designed to give riders the fastest and easiest exit from events, Bounce is uniquely positioned to bring welcome change to rideshare experiences. On regular rides too, Bounce has a very attractive pricing proposition - Bounce rides are way less expensive than other rideshare services. The company provides personal customer service via text, email, phone and social media. In a nutshell, Bounce is on a mission to provide the best prices, the best service, the best features — delivered by the happiest drivers. In fact, the company’s slogan is: “Owner-Drivers, Happy-Riders.”

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Bounce Media Contact:

Robyn Stevens
[email protected] / (856) 298-9820
Indrani Banerjee
[email protected]

Valley View Casino Center Media Contact:

Kristi Reedy
Director of Marketing
[email protected]

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