Pink Zebra launches a new innovative app that gamifies Consultants experience and helps them make sales.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – September 12th, 2017 – What if, instead of a one-size-fits-all product, household fragrances could be as customized and unique as the noses that smelled them? This is the idea behind Pink Zebra, a direct selling company that allows Consultants and customers alike to craft their own recipes and create their own scents from the ground up. They use unique fragrance beads, called “Sprinkles,” that can be combined in countless ways to form customized scents.

In spite of its innovative ambitions, Pink Zebra had humble beginnings. Founded by entrepreneur couple Tom and Kelly Gaines, the company started out with only a few hundred consultants in its first year. Though they were already very successful in the fragrance industry, having sold products to many national brands, they wanted a business with a more personal touch.

After moving their focus entirely to Pink Zebra, the company exploded. Nowadays, Pink Zebra has 40,000 Consultants throughout the United States and its Territories all being serviced from its Sugar Land Texas operation.

With all of this growth, it wasn’t long before they needed a new solution to help bring distributors on board. The sheer logistics of keeping nearly 40,000 people on the same page was becoming daunting. They needed training, as well as a way to keep Consultants on track.

Pink Zebra's founders knew that leveraging new technology could make the process more efficient. After getting in touch with Krato, they were able to implement their own version of the Journey Mobile Application, an app called ZebraNET that gamifies the direct selling process.

Not only does ZebraNET help train new distributors by turning relevant tasks into games, it helps keep all distributors on track by giving them tools to interface with customers. It changes the traditionally ambiguous aspects of selling into easy-to-understand steps. With Journey, it’s easier to keep Consultants and customer attention over the long-term.

The Pink Zebra team is pleased with the initial results of their partnership with Krato, and they hope to see an even higher rise in distributor engagement. “In the first 2 weeks of going live, our field completed over 100,000 challenges within the app to help build their skills and their business,” said Colby Waisath, VP of Sales. “We were amazed at the amount of engagement and passion from the Pink Zebra team. Their level of innovation clearly sets them apart,” added Brian Palmer, CEO of Krato.

The direct selling industry is a huge, profitable sector that brings in billions of dollars of revenue per year. Using the power of mobile apps, companies can raise their sales volumes by a significant margin and educate their distributors more easily than ever before.

About Pink Zebra
Pink Zebra is an innovative direct sales company offering unique home fragrance products and scented jewelry which is experiencing strong growth. They are devoted to giving the end consumer high quality products which can be customized with fragrance and décor.

About Krato is an organization that offers innovative mobile solutions to direct selling companies, with their Journey and custom developed software. Their vision is to bring direct selling to a new level with advanced mobile technology. Not only do Krato’s tools help keep distributors on task, they help boost revenue by increasing customer engagement. For more information on Krato and what they have to offer, visit

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