London, UK — is a known website specially designed to fulfill the demands of those looking for all the information respecting the English examinations for UK immigration and visa. The recent exam dates for Test A1 and B1 are already declared. The website mainly intends to inform users regarding the various specially designated exam centers in and around London. British Life Skills provides datawhich is designedto provide the necessary information to people who want to or have already applied for UK visas.

This website provides precise and accurate information regarding the different English exams, illustrating the tests briefly. The British Life Skills mouthpiece informed that the B1 English exam on the CEFR is only for those who aim to acclimate for British Citizenship. Secure English Language Test (SELT) a test inEnglish Speaking and Listening is the A2 Level test to extend the Further Leave To Remain from say 2.5years to 5 years. Trinity’s secure test, SELT examines a person’s English at different levels. The exams are called Graded Examination in Spoken English or GESE. B1 is GESE Grade 5 and A2 is GESE Grade 3 exam.

There will be a one to one conversation with the examiner for about 10 minutes through which English speaking and listening will be tested. The results are usually out within 7 days. The tests are only allowed to be taken at London Holborn, London Hammersmith,London, Croydon,Birmingham,Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds, Belfast,Peterborough and Glasgow.

British Life Skills isalways eager to be of some use to their users so that they have the best opportunity of gaining the UK visa.The website, not only notifies the specification of the exams and their locations in and around the UK, but it also lets its users fill out the test form by fulfilling the needs and book the test. The materials required for study and training purposes are available in the website. Website users can also learn about the cost of the exams, the detailed exam schedules and get alerts about the next exam date.

AboutBritish Life Skills: is a website offering detailed and current information about English Tests for UK Immigration and Visa.

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