A new company is aiming to save customers thousands with a new free discount code website. Offering vouchers and codes from numerous companies online, Voucher Ninja wants to become the ultimate source for online users looking to save money for buying products. They plan on keeping this service completely free and passing all the savings they can onto their users.

Voucher Ninja was setup by Granulr Ltd as a side project when, during a team building activity, employees were challenged to build the cleanest looking website. The results of this project speak for themselves. Voucher Ninja has become a go to resource for savvy online UK shoppers, desperate to find a great saving. They offer a wide range of coupons, some of which they find themselves and other which are submitted by site users. Now the business wants to reach the top of the market and help new and old customers save a fortune on their shopping.

Using their website, customers can browse by category or store to find the right saving for them. Some of the brands Voucher Ninja support include Currys, Start Fitness and Furniture Village. This gives an idea of how broad and varied the deals can be. Voucher Ninja spend time each day adding new vouchers to their site for everything from food and clothing to fitness accessories and technology.

However, that is just the beginning of their service. Customers can also submit the vouchers that they find, passing their savings onto other site users. By offering this service, Voucher Ninja hope to create a community feel around the process of finding the best deals online. They want their customers to feel connected to other people who are looking for the same deals as them. As well, as this, by allowing users to add vouchers to the site, they can provide a wider range of fresh deals and advertise them to clients and customers before any other site.

Voucher Ninja is aware that vouchers and coupons online aren’t just a way of saving a little extra on the shopping bills. For a lot of people, it is a vital lifeline to make sure they can fit essential purchases into their budget. Voucher Ninja believes that a little save can go along way and help people buy products that they might not have been able to afford without that particular coupon.

Due to this, the company is proud to offer this service to customers and help them buy any and all products that they can find online from a variety of stores. As well as providing the option for customers to shop online, Voucher Ninja also have an app that can be used to search for products and connect with coupon hunting friends.

For people interested in finding out more, Voucher Ninja has a full site including a blog with plenty of tips for voucher hunting. Or, the owning company Granulr can be contacted directly with the full information provided below.

Company: Granulr Ltd
Address: Bulman House, Newcastle, NE3 3LS, UK
Phone: 01913 082132
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://voucher.ninja

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