LAX Ammunition was established in 2009 by the popular LAX Firing Range, and since has becomes a leading website to buy ammo online . Their warehouse houses millions of rounds of popular brand name ammunition that are just waiting to be shipped out to passionate, gun owners who buy ammo online for the good deals.

The staff at LAX work tirelessly to make sure order go out as quickly as possible for their customers that buy ammo online and in store. Their knowledge of ammunition and experience with firearms makes them ideal distributors of ammunition. They know what customers desire from a website that allows them to buy ammo online, as they are customers themselves.

To make it easy and affordable to buy ammo online , LAX Ammunition goes direct to popular companies to stock their warehouse. The buy ammo online website also offers frequent sales, a variety of options, and showcase themselves at gun shows to have a more personal interaction with customers.

About LAX Ammo

LAX Ammunition has quickly established themselves as a leading website to buy ammo online. Not only do they offer their customers a place to buy ammo online, they also have a newly built store and 14-lane firing range. For website only deals drop by their website at , if you have any questions call them at 1-855-407-2666.

Media Contact:
Dave Sanders
Company Name: LAX Ammo
Phone Number: 1-855-407-2666
Address: Inglewood, CA
Email: [email protected]

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