12, August 2017: A few days ago, Airwheel becomes the highlight in the annual CES in Las Vegas. In its booth, C6 motorcycle helmet, C8 racing helmet, F3 drone with camera and some electric scooters of Airwheel make people’s visit unforgettable. It gives a brand-new imagination to customers and it will enjoy a bright future.

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Airwheel is still the leading brand in an intelligent electric scooter sector, but its product scope is more than a scooter. At present, its products have involved in outdoor kits and protection tools, such as F3 drone with camera, C6 motorcycle helmet or C8 racing helmet and so on. In 2017 CES in Las Vegas, Airwheel proves its widened products scope. If people take a visit to CES this year, they will have a deep impression on Airwheel products.

Airwheel C6 smart motorcycle helmet is designed for motorcyclists. Besides excellent protective function, it also owns very good cold resistance, which makes winter motorcycling comfortable. Similar Airwheel C5 smart helmet, C6 can be a camera and take photos or videos on the way. Besides, it lets motorcyclists answer a call safely and conveniently. If people are hoping for an exciting motorcycling, some Rock & Roll may be helpful. The equipped high-quality Bluetooth sound box offers perfect music experience. When it comes to C8 racing helmet, it is used for car racing drivers. It has the same functions with C5 and C6, but differs in appearance. Its looks give out a strong sense of wildness.

As to Airwheel F3 drone with a camera, it opens a brand-new chapter and witnesses that Airwheel enters into a new field. The intelligent shock proof algorithm and 4k resolution shooting system, pave the way for F3 to restore all frames vividly. It has four shooting modes, including one-photo mode, continuous capture mode, time lapse mode and 360-degree panorama capture mode. More importantly, it provides high pictures and image quality.


The exclusive APP of F3 can be downloaded from the official website and installed in the mobile phone. Then, people can control it via the phone. If people want to share pictures or videos to some social media, F3 can help them with the one-key-to-share function. All in all, the above three products prove that Airwheel trends to diversification.

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