Cafe Britt, a company that supplies gourmet coffee to Australia, has just launched a new website which promises coffee lovers more choice and convenience. Customers can now order gourmet coffee and smooth hot cocoa and get it shipped right to their door.

Gourmet Coffee And Cocoa

The range of coffee available on the new website is extensive. As one of the world’s few “country-of-origin” producers, Cafe Britt is able to supply a broad range of coffees sourced from its Costa Rican plantations. At present, the firm supplies Espresso, Decaf, dark roast and shade grown organic varieties. All coffees are based on the Arabica beans.

For those with coffee machines, the company offers a range of espresso capsules. Customers have a choice of classic, decaf, “intenso,” organic and Tarrazu - a type of heavily regulated coffee bean that can only be grown in the Tarrazu Valley.

Besides coffee, the new website also showcases the company's range of hot cocoa products. In keeping with trends in the industry, Cafe Britt offers customers a range of different flavours, including raspberry, mint, caramel and cinnamon, in addition to plain.

Free Shipping On Orders Over $60

To celebrate the launch of its new website, the company is currently offering free shipping on all Gourmet coffees and all Gourmet Hot Cocoa orders over $60.

Cafe Britt’s Processes

Cafe Britt takes great care and passion in the way that it grows coffee, paying close attention to how the bean is sourced and growth. According to the company, the process starts with the selection of a good bean. Around two-thirds of the desirable qualities of coffee beans are the result of genetic factors, while the last third is the result of the environment in which it is grown. However, as the company makes clear on its new website, the process doesn’t stop there. The processing of the beans is important too.

For gourmet beans to taste great, they need to be handled correctly. Plucking beans off the tree too early can ruin the flavour of the final drink. Once the cherries are picked, they must then be water processed and sun dried before roasting. Finally, the coffee must be transported in a way that allows it to “breathe,” otherwise the beans are unable to expel their natural gases.According to Cafe Britt, this is a process that can frequently go wrong and why it is so important to get coffee from specialists.

Cafe Britt hopes that its new website will help customers in Australia gain access to better coffee. As an integrated supplier with supervision of all stages of production, from field to coffee cup, the company is certainly in a position to do so.

Those ordering from the new website can expect their coffee to be with them between 2 and 4 business days. The company uses Australia Post and aims to meet a two business day dispatch for all orders.

Company: Cafe Britt Australia
Address: Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, 2007, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9291 0077
Email: [email protected]

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