All parents hoped that they can cultivate smart kids with outstanding skills, being excellent in school work, and acting smartly when getting along with others. In order to achieve their goals, parents think out a variety of methods to help their children. For example, they spend a lot of money hiring private tutors, they bought them numerous books, and some even move to the abroad so that their kids can get better education. With everything they have done, kids today have actually become much smarter than kids several decades ago. However, there are also some negative examples, some of the kids are under too much pressure and were made to be dull bookworms, knowing nothing about practice. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, the best education is through practice and should be companies by numerous interesting games. Only in this way can we cultivate really smart kids. So the company believes that playing games in the indoor playground equipment helps children to be smart.

On the on hand, games are beneficial to children physically. Different from adults who need to sit quietly to think and read to fulfill ourselves with energy, children need to move around to absorb strength and the energy to support their growth. Traditional way of educating kids paid attention to children's academic learning instead of obtaining energy physically. Such form of education has misled kids and most of them were drown in the pool of pain when studying. When someone was a kid, he usually felt going to schools the most boring and painful thing in the world; we have to sit in the classroom quietly to listen to the teacher carefully. The time remained for games are so little that most of us will seldom move our bottoms from the hard and cold chairs. The company has always dreamed about that there will be an indoor play equipment in which my classmates and the company can have fun after hours of study. The lack of creation explains why we students feel so tired of learning.

On the other hand, playing games do us good mentally. Games will cheer children up and encourage them to do some thinking. With the development of modern technical, some games are designed to include elements that concerned with learning. For example, some games are designed to ask children problems about math, science and literature, if kids want to continue the games, they must acquire the knowledge needed to finish the games. Meanwhile, through playing games, children can remember a lot of useful things. Indoor playground equipment now is developing itself toward this goal; parents should give kids more freedom and permit them to have fun in the indoor playgrounds for a while. Maybe it is more beneficial for their school work.

Generally speaking, playing games in indoor playground equipment is not a waste of time, but on the contrary an efficient way to release kids learning burdens and make them smarter in the process of growth.

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