New York (June 09, 2017) — After only five days since its release, GoTwiddle Captain America Fidget Spinner hit the coveted Best-Seller spot in Amazon, proving the undeniable popularity of the metal fidget spinner toys and toppling many similar gadgets before it in terms of sales.

GoTwiddle, a New York-based toy distribution company released its Captain America fidget spinner in Amazon Friday last week and were easily sold out, leading to its earning of the “Best Seller” badge from Amazon. The most popular online shopping hub awards the badge for products that perform excellently in terms of sales. More than 200 pieces Captain America fidget spinners were sold since Friday last week and GoTwiddle reports that many are still waiting for the next batch of release.

‘The sales was overwhelming. We know that fidget spinners are very popular among kids, but we never expected it to sell so quickly, “says GoTwiddle Operations Manager Amos Lee, adding that the fidget spinner’s Captain America design was inspired by the company owner’s love for superheroes. “Our fidget spinners are made of high-grade materials and comes with a unique design that is different from common spinners with three arms,” he says.

Lee also said that the immediate selling-out of the Captain America fidget spinner available at can be attributed to the popularity of superhero apparels and toys among kids and that GoTwiddle will be releasing more superhero designs of the toy anytime soon.

The Captain America fidget spinner is available at

“Kids and teens need to watch out for our next release because we are adding more popular superhero designs that everyone will love,” Lee noted.

Metal fidget spinner of various designs are gaining tremendous popularity among kids and teens with sales from different brands reaching an all-time high since the toy was made available in the market years ago. While it has been around for quite some time, the patronization of kids from all over the globe is increasing leading to innovation in spinner makes and designs.

Matias Regis, Jr.
PR Consultant
GoTwiddle New York
[email protected]