Good news for those looking to buy private number plates: Car Reg has launched a new website designed to take the confusion and hassle out of the process.

The company is offering an entirely unique search system which it says can retrieve practically any number plate a customer might want. All customers need to do is enter a search term into the search box (their name or some other phrase with sentimental value), and Car Reg’s system will find close matches, including suffix, prefixed, cherished/dateless and unissued prefix plates. Currently, plates range in price from £170 all the way up to a staggering £500,000.

Free Number Plate Valuation

During its many years in operation, Car Reg has come to realise that people sometimes want to sell even their most cherished private number plates. As a result, it offers a free number plate valuation service to help ensure that people get a fair price. Car Reg says that its valuation service is different from most so-called valuations services on the internet. Rather than relying on an unreliable computer algorithm to determine a price, Car Reg uses a “human” written valuation instead. Customers wanting to find out the value of a private number plate are encouraged to enter the relevant details into a form on the company’s website. Car Reg will then advertise the registration for sale on behalf of the customer, allowing them to cancel the sale at any time if they change their mind.

Gift Vouchers

The new website also enables customers to buy private number plates as gifts. All customers need to do, according to the company, is purchase a voucher which they can then pass on to a friend, colleague or family member. The amount of the voucher can be used against the value of any number plate on the company's system. All vouchers, the company says, are emailed directly to customers’ inboxes within a few minutes so that they can be printed out and sent to the intended recipient.

Finance Options

Because some car registration plates are expensive, Car Reg offers customers finance on plates over £500 in value. Customers are required to pay a 10 percent deposit before applying for a loan online.

Search Services

There are more than 35 million registration plates available through Car Reg’s site. If customers aren’t able to find the exact registration plate they want using the online search tool, then the firm recommends that they use its plate finder service instead. This service retrieves an alphabetical list of all of the number plates currently for sale by independent, private sellers, allowing the customer to find a match.

The search engine on the company’s site is remarkably adept. If a customer enters their name, for example, “Bob,” they will get a list of results broken down into cherished plates, prefix number plates and current number plates along with prices. All of the entries on the list are different permutations of the original search query, providing numerous options for buyers.

Those interested in learning more about private number plates should visit Car Reg’s website at

Company Name: Car Reg
Contact Person: S Napier
Phone: 01902 791 997
Address: Parkside Garage, Old Stafford Road, Wolverhampton, WV10 7PH, UK
Email: [email protected]

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