Carmel, Ind. - Regular dental health is vital to overall health, and this means regular dental checkups and cleanings with a dentist. As February, and National Prevent Cancer month, winds down, the office of Linderman Dentist wants everyone to know as a part of their routine oral examinations, oral cancer screening is included.

“Oral cancer is over 90 percent treatable if caught soon enough. The survival rate of oral cancer if not caught in time is lower than breast and prostate cancer. Early detection and intervention is vital,” said Jeff Linderman, the second generation dentist of the Linderman Dental. His father, Martin Linderman, practiced dentistry for 53 years before retiring and leaving the business to his son.

The process of an oral cancer screening is as quick as it is painless. The dentist performs the standard examination of the mouth and follows up with a secondary examination, often with a specialized light. Any abnormalities or early warning signs of cancer are noted, and if necessary, referrals are made to the appropriate physicians.

“Oral cancer symptoms usually manifest themselves as lesions or spots. Those who consume excessive alcohol, smoke or use smokeless tobacco products are often more at risk than those who do not. Age is another factor, although the first two are the most prevalent,” said Dr. Linderman.

Linderman recommends annual oral cancer screenings for the early warning signs of cancer as these signs can resemble canker sores. Only with specialized equipment and training can determine if a lesion is cancerous or not.

In the meantime, Linderman wants all of his patients, and all dental patients, to continue maintaining proper dental health: brush regularly, floss, see the dentist at least twice a year, reduce alcohol consumption and stop smoking.

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