Most outside of the vehicle enthusiast industry do not know what a catalytic converter is or does. Chances are they have heard of it, but they do not know what it does, where it is located on the car or the value it has.

The catalytic converter reduces the overall amount of harmful fumes that come as a result of the internal combustion engine in a car or truck. It is an integral part of the emissions system. Proper working condition is required to pass emissions testing. Problems stemming from O2 sensor codes or the catalyst are common, with the check engine light coming on as an alert of a potential issue.

If there is a potential issue stemming from the catalytic converter, many times it can be remedied by a quick and simple cleaning with professional grade cleaning products. MotorPower Care offers the best possible cleaning products on the market. Simple and easy to use, almost anyone can use the cleaning products. The cleaning system requires no special tools or understanding of a vehicle. A complete, step-by-step guide is included with each purchase.

Regular flushing of a catalytic converter will extend the life of it, reduce fuel consumption and help the environment by lowering the number of emissions.

“The saving of the environment is important, but most people are more appreciative of the fact a clean catalytic converter can save them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in necessary repairs, all thanks to a simple cleaning additive done at regular intervals,” said Sam Tarabay. Brand Manager for

Their catalytic converter cleaning kit is a two-part cleaning system. The system starts with an additive that flushes the system, allowing the vehicle to run more efficiently and cleanly. The second is a foam sprayed into the oxygen sensor port and flows directly into the catalytic converter, where it cleans the interior before flushing through the remainder of the exhaust system.’s catalytic cleaning kit uses the latest technologies from Germany and is designed with the high quality German made vehicles in mind.

MPCare catalytic converter cleaning kits are available at their e-store or on their website.

Visit either site for additional information, reviews, how to order and more.

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