Colorado Springs, Colo. – Fresh Taste Catering offers the finest in home-style comfort food with exquisite taste, expert preparation and unparalleled service.

An off premises catering service that comes to the client, Fresh Taste Catering offers a variety of options for the discriminating palette. This includes: formal catering, non-profit catering, desserts, corporate/office, party tray and much more. The service area includes Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

Fresh Taste Catering can handle projects both large and small, from casual to formal catering options. Fresh Taste Catering takes pride in working within budgets and takes on all of the headaches and stress accompanied with a catered event.

Besides standard catering services, Fresh Taste offers home cooked meals for the busy family, seniors, homebound and anyone who finds that preparing a family meal takes too much time. The company cooks the meals then flash freezes them and is microwavable in five to seven minutes time.

Those with specific dietary restrictions are welcome. Low sodium or diabetic, it does not matter. On-site, professional nutritionists are available to help with selecting and preparing specific meals for dietary needs. Portion control is also a specialty for those who are conscious of their weight and health concerns. All of the freshly prepared meals are microwave/freezer ready in high-quality containers. Family frozen meals, warmed in an oven, are also available.

Interested customers will find Fresh Taste Catering prices to be fair and competitive. Using only the freshest products, it is only the rare occasion any frozen products are used. If available, organic produce is used in all food preparation. Locally products from small businesses are used when possible as well.

Find more information, including full menu options for various catering services and home meal delivery, at the website. Visit

Fresh Taste Catering LLC
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(719) 426-9841

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