“The Century Sentence: A Chinese Accusation Against all of the World” is a book authored by Xu Xue Chun. This book mainly talks about the Chinese culture and the Western culture as well. The Century Sentence consists of three parts wherein the first part is about commentary on China, the other part is commentary on Western culture and other countries.

The commentary on China actually proceeds from the deep analysis of Chinese political settings in the basis of creation of the human consciousness and subconscious, culture as well as the origin of the Chinese culture to share and provide opinions about China’s reform. The commentary comes from a typical worker’s perspective with an aim of trying to change China’s political environment with a netizen’s strength. Though most of his remarks were deleted due to being so extreme, the author still believes that the remarks he posted on the internet have somehow make a big difference on public opinion and thus affecting China’s political direction.

The other part is commentary on Western culture and other countries. For a reason, Western countries are respected most probably because of their advancement, however, there are particular irreplaceable deficiencies and they’re revealing themselves. If these deficiencies are not properly handled, something serious or terrible might occur.

All these three parts are sometimes being questioned and criticized by those beliefs or personal views do not align with the views of the author. However, there are those who believe that this book about Chinese culture and politics and book about Western culture has a point.

Century Sentence is now available online in Paperback format. Feel free to visit https://goo.gl/DbOjWp for more information.

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Contact Person: Xu Xue Chun
Address: Shanghai, China
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Website: https://goo.gl/DbOjWp

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