Dallas, Texas, September 4, 2017 – Uncovering centuries old secrets of tarot cards and angelic readings while discussing innovative new methods, certified reader Leticia Fuerte has now released an insightful new book, Tarot and Angelic Tips (Tarot Y Consejos Angelicales). A practical guide with over 78 exercises, one for each tarot card, the book teaches readers how to harness the divinity of tarot cards and angelic readings in order to cleanse and protect their personal energy.

The book also teaches readers how to receive messages from their angels in order to achieve peace of mind and initiate life-style changes. After years of experience as a tarot, angelic and oracle reader, Leticia has not only healed herself but now also aims to help others with her book.

According to the book, one can activate the power of their mind to experience self-love and physical healing along with emotional healing too. Leticia has developed new methods that are stated to be extremely effective. She believes that her methods can help people feel in communion with their divine energy, their mind and their subconscious within just a few minutes.

Leticia first started learning this art with Certified Angel Reading and Healing from Charles Virtue. Constantly honing her skills, she further gained oracle reading knowledge from Doreen Virtue and continued working with more doctors and their courses in order to become who she is today.
Leticia Fuerte is available for interviews.

Tarot and Angelic Tips (Tarot Y Consejos Angelicales –The Spanish Version) is now available on Amazon.com).

Book preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B074YYD3WZ

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