York, Pennsylvania / October 10, 2017 – A detailed guide on how to let go of beliefs and habits that limit a person’s growth, best-selling author and certified coach Sally Bendersky has now released a promising self-help book. Providing an array of bona fide tools and techniques, the book has garnered a positive response from readers. The main aim of the book is to evoke leadership skills in the reader and to help the reader become a “heart-centered” person using the “PEL-MET” approach that was created by the author herself.

Titled The Novel Entrepreneur: A Heart-Centered Path For Fulfillment, the book is now available in several formats including Kindle and paperback. As the title alludes, the book is a goldmine for self-help tips that will help the reader develop a worry-free lifestyle full of possibilities and contentment. Bendersky has shared the tools she has developed and used herself in order to improve her personal and professional life. According to the book description, readers can also learn how to develop conversational/listening skills and how to reduce problems such as irrational stress and fears.

Other than being a renowned author and certified coach, Bendersky has an array of other career achievements up her sleeve. The self-help author is also an accomplished chemical engineer. She has made it far in the industry by developing an array of tools and techniques to improve her professional relationships. Everything she has learned throughout her extensive career, she is now determined to share it with her readers.

She is the founder of her own company called New Leadership where she focuses on coaching diverse leaders. In the past, Bendersky has served as the head of a state technology center along with being an ambassador of Chile. She has also served as a chairperson on boards of directors for many companies.

President of Newfield Consulting, Rafael Echeverría speaks highly of The Novel Entrepreneur:  “The reader who starts this book will not be the same as the reader who reaches the end of it. You will feel that you have taken a journey, even though you might not have moved at all. Your world will have changed,” he stated in a review of the book.

Sally Bendersky is available for interviews.

The Novel Entrepreneur: A Heart-Centered Path For Fulfillment is now available on Amazon.com. Book Preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0764982B7.

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