China; 19, June 2017: China is believed to be a source of some exotic and highly beneficial herbal plants that have been used since centuries to develop health medicines. Till today there are some exceptional herbal medicines prepared in China that are very popular both within and outside China. Xi’an ChinWon Biotech Inc extends to offer its products derived from the extracts of some of these herbal plants. It derives its name from the Chinese word Cheng Wen that means a simple person who is worth trusting for his words and his deeds as per the social norms of the society. Taking this philosophy as its basis, the company extends to offer some beneficial products that are meant to treat various health related problems and disorders.

The extracts such as Indigo Naturalis powder is used to detoxicate the blood, dissolve ecchymoses, and treat different liver or lung disorders. They are also used in medicines for purging the liver-fire for containing convulsion and curing the infantile acute convulsion. This along with other kinds of herbal products can be ordered online from their website. In order to facilitate the buyers understand the different extracts manufactured by the company, each of them come with detailed information about their composition and their benefits.

It is also called pure indigo powder, extracted from the big Mountain Qinling which is where the company has its own unit. This mountain is known to have abundant collection of different herbal plants and natural water. It was also popular as Terra-Cotta Warriors to people across the world. This unit is powered by advanced extraction technology backed by in-depth R&D carried out by their own team of experienced professionals. Xi’an ChinWon Biotech Inc was established in the year 2009 and is promoted by Xián ChinWon Biotech Inc. that is located in Shaan Xi Provide of China. The company deploys the innovative technologies of plant extraction and synthesizing process through their own lab and research center.

The professionals within the company adopt a strict management policy to use products that have low content of heavy metals. Each of them abides by the international standards of USP, EP and BP which is applied to different pharmaceuticals and food products. To know more about their products such as Indigo Naturalis, customers can check out their website. It features detailed information and gives the option to get answers to different product related queries around the clock.

About Xi’an ChinWon Biotech Inc:

Xi’an ChinWon Biotech Inc is a Chinese manufacturer of different kinds of herbal products and solutions made by the herbs extracted from Mount Qinling. They feature products that are beneficial to treat various health disorders such as skin diseases, obesity, etc. For more details please visit their website.

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