Time is running out for Christina Jacob, who was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer 8 months ago. A visit to the dentist for her son, turn to the biggest nightmare. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer after she bled profusely at the reception of the dental clinic where she took her son. The bleeding lasted for not less than a minute. She was rushed to the emergency room in a pool of blood, only to find out she has uterine cancer.

She is a single mother with two kids ages 10 and seven years old. So far, she has defied the odds by raising the kids on her own. She has fought this disease bravely and with dignity, but is running out of options.

Currently, Christina is unable to continue her treatments and provide for her kids with all the medical bills after her surgery. This a very big challenge to this single mother of 2 as it has taken a lot from her. She needs yours to survive and live for her kids.

Christina is a vibrant and hardworking woman, who gives love readily and lives life fully. These poise her to overcome this obstacle, but still, she is going to need a lot of support.

She is slowly losing everything because of Uterine Cancer. The cost of last medical bills has made her and her kids to be homeless. Right now, she has moved in with her mom who had a storage room available.

By raising funds for medical and everyday living costs, we hope it will help pay her medical debts, continue to get treatment to fight to live for her and her kids. If you are in a position to help, it will make an enormous difference to Christina and her family. Please share this campaign so that we can reach as many potential donors as possible. Currently, there is a £30k debt on the bills, estimated medical bills is around £180k in The Hallwang Clinic in Germany and living expenses.

You can donate through https://www.gofundme.com/singlemumneedhelpfightcancer

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