Christopher Boots is a small business; replica sales are damaging to their reputation as a business. The quality of original product and workmanship cannot be replicated by imposter brands.

Australia, 26 July 2017 -- Don’t Get Tricked by Cheap, Replica Lights – Christopher Boots’ Products Cannot and Should Not be Replicated

Home design makes as much of a statement as the clothes you wear; it defines your style, your passions and, ultimately, tells a story about you that you may not even realize you’re telling. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of home design, highlighting pieces of artwork or creating a work of art themselves with the deliberate cast of a well-placed shadow.

Christopher Boots’ handmade, one-of-a-kind lighting pieces are as much an expression about nature and art as they are a piece of furniture that adds light in your home. Purchasing replica lights that are anything but authentic is an insult to the Christopher Boots brand as well as your own taste. Don’t be duped into purchasing anything less than the best.

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The chrisopher boots replica origin story

Christopher Boots is named for Christopher himself. After graduating with a BA in Industrial Design in 2005, Christopher took an apprenticeship with lighting pioneer Geoffrey Mance. Under Mance he learned half a decade of training in various design and lighting techniques. In 2011, Christopher opened his own studio, quickly growing from a one-person-team to thirty five employers.

The pieces themselves are all totally handmade in his Melbourne studio – any retailer saying otherwise is a Christopher Boots replica artist. While Boots’ work originated and focuses on lighting, he also crafts furniture and other various artistic pieces. Each piece of handmade work is inspired by and echoes the geometry of organic shapes in nature. Often stemming from the exploration of plants, animals and minerals themselves, Boots’ work also reflects his Greek heritage and the relationship between natural and classical.

Outside of Australia, Christopher Boots pieces can be found in London, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Dubai, though even the pieces found outside of Australia are handmade in Boots’ studio. It can also be purchased online from leading outlets like Polyvore. His studio is comprised of world-class artisans that include bronze casters, glass blowers, copper smiths, ceramicists and more, something no Christopher Boots replica distributor can boast.

A statement piece for any location

Christopher Boots pieces are ideal for any location, elevating it into an elegant, statement making space. Private residences, boutique and luxury hotels, public spaces and even outdoor spaces have called Christopher Boots’ pieces their home.

Each piece plays with the alluring concept of light within natural spaces, playing with these conditions to create something unique that does not loose sight of the natural beauty it was inspired by. Christopher himself says that nature is the greatest inspiration for him and he is constantly incorporating aspects of it into his work. Quartz crystal, for example is on of Christopher’s “signature” materials; it appears in much of his work as it is close to his heart and has drawn his curiosity and enjoyment since he was a child. Christopher quotes “Nature is ultimately the best inspiration that anyone can get. Always using these kinds of references whether literally or metaphorically. There’s endless sorts of textures, endless sorts of worlds that haven’t been created by a human and I think that’s what’s missing in contemporary kind of work, is that side of nature.”

Lighting is not simply a vehicle for inviting brightness into a space for Christopher; it sets a mood and creates a whole new setting: “It should be making us feel safe”.

Pieces that cannot be imitated

Each artisan in Christopher Boots’ studio has a skill that is invaluable to the team. In a replica designer lighting studio, the creators of those pieces are probably not artists themselves and certainly don’t hold the same depth of skills as the members of Christopher’s team.

“It takes a whole chorus of people with different skill bases to be able to make something. It’s not a factory and it never will be. Everything is handmade here in Melbourne”. Well-spoken words from the designer himself.

While purchasing from a replica designer lighting studio may give you an inexpensive price tag, there are several major drawbacks to purchasing from these locations.

- The hardworking artists crafting real Christopher Boots pieces by hand will not get the recognition they deserve: these artists are highly talented, professional artists who deserve the pay and recognition owed to them when they help create a stunning piece of art in Boots’ studio
- Your piece may not even arrive: Another risk you run with an unreliable replica lights business is that it may not arrive at all, costing you money
- You may be supporting an illegal, counterfeit overseas business: Christopher Boots’ studio is 100% legal, producing 100% genuine products each day
- You will not have the pleasure of exploring an authentic Christopher Boots piece: Christopher Boots’ pieces are completely unique and aside from being beautiful and making a statement, some invite the viewer to create their own piece. Many of the pieces containing quartz are held on by magnet, allowing the customer to change the piece depending on their space or mood; no other lighting offers you that
- Your piece may not be the quality you expect: each Christopher Boots piece is carefully constructed by hand, made with high-quality materials and is made to last. Purchasing from a Christopher Boots replica cannot guarantee you that.

Christopher Boots has worked hard to create a name for himself in Melbourne, across Australia and throughout the world. He is an amazing artist that believes in the contrast between the simplicity and the complexity of nature in its own beautiful way. Wonderfully put, Boots believe that “lighting is today’s fire”. Although today we don’t gather around a fire, we gather close to electronic lights to illuminate our lives, there is no reason that we shouldn’t still feel warm, comfortable and safe close to the pieces of lighting we put in a room.

Choose a genuine Christopher Boots piece to make an artistic statement, to support a team of amazing artists and to add a little warmth and fun into any space. Replica lights simply cannot deliver the way Christopher and his team can.

Christopher Boots

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