Circle of Doors is an inspiring Feature Film to be produced by some of the best professionals in the industry including Lee Steadman and Ranse Parker. The original novel titled ‘Circle of Doors’ was written by Ranse Parker and received phenomenal feedback from readers in addition to winning awards for Visionary Fiction. According to reviews, many readers suggested that the novel would make a great movie and this, along with several other inspiring factors, motivated the producers to adapt the novel to film.

In order to translate this empowering novel and its vision into reality, Ranse Parker is now seeking generous community support on Kickstarter and is welcoming everyone to back the project. The crowdfunding campaign for this Movie Adaptation of Ranse’s novel aims to raise a total of $700,000 for development funding within a month. They are inviting everyone to back the project with the opportunity to be credited as Executive Producers on the film.

More details on the Kickstarter Campaign and film project can be found at:

About Circle of Doors

Circle of Doors is a production of Cathedral Media Entertainment and a movie adaptation of Ranse Parker’s award-winning novel. The producers are now seeking generous community support and backing for development funding on Kickstarter and are inviting everyone from around the world to be a part of this ambitious and extraordinary project.

Contact Person:  Ranse Parker
Company: Cathedral Media Entertainment
Address: Salt Lake City, UT,  - USA
Phone: 8015404980
Email: [email protected]

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