Irvine California – June 18, 2018 – Clean Go GreenGo Inc. (“CleanGo GreenGo”) is today officially introducing to the public its flagship product; CleanGo GreenGo – Total Purpose. An environmentally friendly nontoxic green cleaner that actually works.

CleanGo GreenGo has been called by many as the “The World’s Greatest Green Cleaner” for good reason. The company has utilized breakthroughs in cleaning science to bring to market a modern cleaning product that is a measurable upgraded to the 60’s toxic formulations lurking under the sinks of America today. CleanGo GreenGo seeks to replace, modernize and update these outdated formulations with a high performance product that exceeds expectations while remaining nontoxic and green. The company would like to at this time ask the public; What’s lurking under YOUR sink?

CleanGo GreenGo President Anthony Saruvcci had this to say: “A customer that pays a little more has higher expectations and CleanGo GreenGo delivers by being a modern super product that doesn’t just clean better but instead cleans fundamentally different on a molecular level. Even while being environmentally friendly and nontoxic CleanGo GreenGo still succeeds where older more toxic formulations fail.

For further information on CleanGo GreenGo including purchasing information, availability and product knowledge visit the company’s website at

About CleanGo GreenGo Inc.
Through the power of emulsification, nontoxic environmentally friendly CleanGo GreenGo succeeds where other toxic cleaners fail making it the World’s Greatest Green Cleaner.

Backed by revolutionary breakthroughs in cleaning science CleanGo GreenGo works at a molecular level to penetrate deeply for a 100% molecular level clean.

Reclaim your space knowing your family and your pets are protected from repeated exposure to harmful chemicals.

• Nontoxic
• Bio-Renewable
• No Harsh Chemicals
• Biodegradable
• No VOC’s
• No Hazardous Ingredients
• No Protective Equipment
• No Butoxyethanol
• Pet and Child Friendly


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CleanGo GreenGo Inc.
Anthony Sarvucci
[email protected]
2372 Morse Avenue, Ste. 466,
Irvine, 92614 CA

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