LONDON, England — Clear Commercial Solutions, a London-based provider of global data sets, software tools, and commercial support to manufacturers, distributors, and commercial lenders across the globe, has announced the launch of a new data service and software package. The firm’s Marine Data Project will provide crucial market data for the leisure marine market to ensure that companies in the industry have the information they need to successfully grow their businesses worldwide.

In an effort true to its mission to support and increase the growth of its commercial partners, Clear Commercial Solutions identified a unique opportunity to make an impact for partners within the marine industry, leading to the creation of the Marine Data Project. Through providing comprehensive market data and combining unique data libraries with the sales data mapping platform eSpatial, Clear Commercial Solutions will allow boat manufacturers with global connections to increase the number of dealerships they have, expand into new territories, and increase sales through their Marine Data Project.

The Marine Data Project pulls information for over 50,000 global boat and marine sales outlets and includes valuable information for marine companies to easily access the location of, contact information for, and product types offered at each dealership. Additional information in the data library includes a comprehensive review of global leisure marine manufacturers, competitor analysis of marine product brands, global credit information, and more, which will help manufacturers make informed decisions about new market opportunities.

“Our goal with the Marine Data Project is to give boat manufacturers and other suppliers in the marine market accessible and usable data they can leverage to simplify their strategies with the goal of increasing overall sales,” said David Hardy, CEO and founder of Clear Commercial Solutions. “Our comprehensive data package, when paired with the powerful mapping capabilities offered by eSpatial, will be a gamechanger for our marine market partners, allowing them to easily see where their sales strategies should be focused.”

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About Clear Commercial Solutions: Clear Commercial Solutions develops and deploys global data sets, software tools, and commercial support that assists their partners in increasing global market share and boosting sales. Through innovative services and products, Clear Commercial Solutions allows businesses to operate more efficiently and maximize profits through effective sales and marketing strategies. To learn more about Clear Solutions and its suite of data and software products, visit

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