Cambridge, UK - Clinked, a client portal and online collaboration tool, has released its latest security feature for all users of the platform, as part of the company’s ongoing security strategy. The new feature, two-factor authentication, asks for more than a password in order for a Clinked user to access their account. Instead, they’ll be required to enter their username/password as well as a code that will be generated by the user’s smartphone or security device.

CEO of Clinked, Tayfun Bilsel, explains the importance of two-factor authentication and why users of Clinked should care about this latest security update: “[Two-factor authentication] is one of the best ways to keep your account and data secure. It reduces the risk of online fraud and identity theft significantly because password alone would not be enough to gain access to your account.”

The concept of using two-factor authentication is simple, Bilsel adds: “You would need access to a code generated by a security device or an app on your smartphone that was previously verified. The idea is to use ‘something you know’, such as your password, and ‘something you have’, meaning your phone or a security device.”

This latest security feature comes after the company received suggestions from a number of existing Clinked users, including Viakeys, a tech protection and enhancement solution provider based in London, UK.

Director of Viakeys, Jaffer Jawad is “very happy with [the new feature update]”, and comments that Clinked’s two-factor authentication feature “is extremely convenient, since it can be used with the Google Authenticator app.”

Clinked’s latest security feature can be used with Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy or Windows Phone Authenticator.

Alongside two-factor authentication, Clinked has also released a wealth of other new features for its users over the past few months — including duplicate groups, drag and drop file uploading, and the ability to delete old versions of Clinked ‘Notes’.

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