08, April 2017: Once again Cliz has created a new magic with his unusual music. Recently, the artist released his second single from the upcoming EP, IDK. The single is getting huge applauds from music lovers and is currently available on all major music networks, including Sound Cloud. This single brings the substance mixed with fast flows and a quicker cadence, which is a signature music creation of Cliz.

For many music lovers, Cliz's singles always paint vivid pictures through the music and poetry. His new single also tells a story that portrays the life events like never before. With his purposeful songs, he touches every listener’s heart. Cliz's songs effectively communicate the emotions, which listeners can easily relate to. This single from the EP IDK is already creating ripples in the music circuits, as a number of Cliz fans have already downloaded it. All his fans and music lovers are enjoying the unique melody that the single is offering them.


Cliz is very confident that his upcoming EP is going to be a big hit. With this EP, this hip-soul artist is all set to create a change through the music. Listeners will be spellbound by the charming poetry and the soulful music that Cliz has included in his new EP. The artist has a huge fan base and his previous tracks, like Class Is In Session, Another Day In The Lab, What to Call This, etc have been greatly liked by his fans. Cliz is expecting the same love and enthusiasm from his fans for his new and upcoming EP as well. To enjoy listening to the single from IDK, one can follow the link https://soundcloud.com/itsclizzy/idk

About Cliz:

Growing up, Cliz was never a big fan of Hip-Hop/Rap which he blames on the radio. He enjoyed listening to the greats like Eminem and Jay-Z but was always looking for more. All of that changed when he moved to Florida in 2006 and began to fall in love with Hip-Hop. One day, Cliz had an idea to grab a guitar hero mic, plug it into audacity, and rap over a Lil' Wayne instrumental. On that very day, Cliz, the artist, was born. The first real song Cliz ever wrote was about his cousin, Ryan, who passed in July of 2006. After writing that song, he was positive that his purpose was to tell stories and paint vivid pictures through song and poetry. In his music, one can hear his pain, struggle, and determination like never before.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Cliz
Website: https://soundcloud.com/itsclizzy/idk

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