A major cosmetic surgery company in America aims to provide the answer that all patients have after a facelift. What should I expect after five years? Specifically, the company has found that patients are often worried that the effects of the procedures won’t last. Or, they could develop further issues due to the changes to their face. Some patients also feel that they might need further treatment after a certain time period. Club Image - Scottsdale hopes to put these worries to rest and provide the right answers.

At Club Image, there is a unique approach to cosmetic surgery, and the procedures involved. The main aim of the company is to ensure that patients look their best and regain their confidence, with financing options that everyone can afford. Facelifts are one of the most popular treatments that they offer. Using sophisticated technology and complex surgical procedures Club Image have helped their patients take years off their look.

What separates this company from the rest is that they aim to prepare their patients for what life will be like after the procedures is complete.

Club Image has always let patients know that there are various effects that can occur directly after the facelift is complete. For instance, bandages won’t be removed for at least several days, and there can be levels of swelling. However, Club Image works to ensure that patients are provided with all the support they need and get treatment to handle any apparent issues that might be causing discomfort.

Club Image has constantly found for patients the biggest question is what happens years down the line. They aim to assure patients that even after five years a facelift will still be effective. Many of their clients constantly receive compliments about their looks and people still guess their age is at least a few years younger. If there are any issues Club Image can fix the problems and keep the patient’s youth intact.

The surgical company wants clients to know that while the surgery will remain effective, their face and body will still age. As such, after five years, patients may no longer be happy with the effects of their surgery. At this point, many wonder what their options are.

The Company wants patients to understand that they can arrange for a second facelift. It is also possible to explore the more minor surgical options that they offer to touch up the appearance. Many patients are so thrilled with the effects of a facelift that they don’t want it to fade after ten years.

The main message Club Image present to their patients is that after five years what happens next is up to them. They can let their face start to age naturally once more, or they can get treatment to take years off their complexion, removing wrinkles and giving them back their youth.

To find more about facelifts and other surgical procedures this company offers, interested individuals can check their website. Or, they can contact the company directly with the information listed.

Company: Club Image
Phone: 480-947-7700
Address: 7930 E. Thompson Peak Parkway Suite 101, Scottsdale AZ 85255
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://clubimage.com/scottsdale/

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