Cmple is a company located in North America, which is one of the largest distributors of home theatre and networking components in the country. All kinds of products of this company passes through deep process of quality assurance and are covered by lifetime warranty. It offers various types of affordable products which include Micro and Mini HDMI cables and good selection of adapters for other kinds of video as well as audio formats.

HDMI cables are available in wide variety of types, lengths and colours. The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) format has been invented in early 2000’s by a combination of leading home theatre audio/video products manufacturers like Sony, Toshiba and RCA etc. HDMI cables were first to combine audio as well as video signals together within a single cord. These cables were especially designed for minimizing the home theatre cable clutter. Homes as well as business were using separate cables for passing video and audio signals to devices.

At present, usage of these HDMI wires has expanded to consumers and industrial devices. Usually multimedia wires with greater speed are used for connection of mobile devices to modern flat screen TVs, connection of laptop/desktop computers to larger or multiple screens or offer reliable video streams for monitoring devices like medical, surveillance and military equipment.

The digital signal transferred by this format can be easily meshed into current information technology infrastructures. For an example, such wires can frequently be used for raising the current home and office network applications which are powered by category 5 and category 6 cables. For more information, please visit , and

About Cmple:

Cmple is a company situated at North America that is one among the largest distributors of home theatres as well as networking components of nation. All products of company go through process of quality assurance in depth. It offers products at affordable prices.

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