New start-up company creates flexible and sustainable business model for unrepresented artists to thrive

March 6, 2019; London, UK – Curator/dealer Cole Projects has officially launched with the aim of opening up the contemporary art world, putting artists first with an innovative new model. The start-up reverses the traditional model of producing exhibitions at galleries to sell an artist’s work. Instead, Cole Projects selects artworks to sell online which in turn funds curated exhibitions. The company creates a more flexible and sustainable business model allowing artists to thrive in the current socio-economic environment. It also allows the best unrepresented artists the potential to reach international audiences.

Cole Projects offer artists a unique platform to sell their works. According to the start-up company, artists receive 80 percent of their artwork sales. Artists typically receive just 50 percent when working with a traditional gallery, but due to Cole Projects’ lack of overheads and itinerant exhibition locations, it is able to pay artists more for their work. In addition, the company’s strict selection process means it upholds a high standard for the artwork sold through its website.

“We have over 10 years of experience in the art industry covering a broad expanse of areas” Camila Cole, founder, said. “We want artists to receive more for their hard work and our 20/80 split – opposed to the traditional 50/50 – is far more supportive of artists than any other online art platform.”

In terms of galleries and exhibitions, the art industry is one area that has traditionally stayed the same while the rest of the world has evolved. Cole Projects plans to advance the artworld giving artists support and advice. The start-up bases its work on a transparent model that gives artists the best possible way to reach new clients. Cole Projects works with artists to set market value prices and those price tags won’t vary from buyer to buyer. Cole’s belief is transparency is key for all sides to thrive.

“Emerging artists don’t always get the best career advice and they have to learn on the go,” Cole explained. “Thanks to our years of experience organising contemporary art exhibitions for commercial galleries and advising private collections, we can give them invaluable advice to develop their careers.”

With successful group exhibitions in off-site spaces and galleries in London and Vienna, Cole Projects supports emerging and mid-career artists through a combination of mentorship and industry experience in the primary market. In 2019, Cole Projects plans to present ambitious new work in a group exhibition in London “We Sing the Body Electric” as well as solo presentations of exciting artists in the UK and Europe, and eventually in LA and New York USA.

About Cole Projects
Cole Projects is an art curator/dealer hybrid that financially supports artists while also providing new exhibition platforms for their work. Often these exhibition platforms are outside of a traditional gallery context. Cole Projects has developed three pillars to success for itself and the artists it works with: artist profits, curatorial projects, and consultancy. Cole Projects employees have over a decade of experience in the art industry. Experience includes organising contemporary art exhibitions for commercial galleries and advising private collections along with academic knowledge gained from having studied History of Art at UCL and Curation at Goldsmiths.

Contact details
Company: Cole Art Projects Ltd
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0) 7855 001 697
Image: Nemo Nonnenmacher 59,909,820 bytes, 12992 x 19496 px @ 8bit,, 2016 Giclée print in steel frame 151.2 x 111.2 cmo

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