Cindy Elsharouni has provided a unique type of coloring journal that helps inspire creativity and personal development.

Cindy Elsharouni has reflected on her release of "Magical Journal For Horse Lovers".  The journal which was released about a year ago was in development for 6months. Though she has been journaling for several years, she states clearly that the benefits of journaling today are endless.

Improving IQ

Journaling reaps so many benefits including stretching a person's IQ by expanding the search for new words when writing. A report by the University of Victoria noted that “Writing as part of language learning has a positive correlation with intelligence.”


Journaling also brings a person into a state of mindfulness. It helps calm a person down from past frustrations and future anxieties. These frustrations are no longer as eminent as they used to.

Keeping Goals

Journaling helps a person to actively engage their thoughts. It is also wonderful for keeping and achieving goals. Writing goals signals to the brain “this is important.”

Emotional Intelligence

Keeping a journal helps develop emotional intelligence by allowing an outlet for processing emotions. This, in turn, increases self-awareness.

Boost Memory

A much-appreciated benefit is also boosting memory and comprehension. There’s a unique connection between the hand and brain. This is triggered by the composition of thoughts and ideas. Words represent ideas which are the formation of letters and causes the mind to constitute or reconstitute ideas while journaling.


A habit everyone needs is strengthening self-discipline. Habits formed in one area of life tend to spread to other areas of life, such as keeping an office clean will lead to keeping a bedroom tidy. Daily journaling will lead to daily health habits.

Personal Healing

A wonderful benefit of journaling is help with healing. Expressive writing is a method that leads to emotional, physical, and psychological healing. Dr. James Pennebaker, author of Writing to Heal has seen improved immune function in patients of writing exercises. It has been shown that stress can come from emotional blockages, and overthinking speculations. He explains, “When we translate an experience into language we essentially make the experience graspable.” By expressing oneself, a person can free himself from mentally being intertwined in traumas. Studies have also shown that the emotional release from journaling does, in fact, lower levels of anxiety, stress, and improves sleep.

Unlocking Creativity

An undeniable benefit of journaling especially a coloring journal is the ability to unlock creativity. Every person is creative but not everyone is exposed with an outlet for creativity due to many reasons including self-consciousness. By defying convention, this coloring journal helps tremendously with provoking creativity even with those who do not claim the label of a creative.

Illustrator and Artist, Cindy Elsharouni stated, "I wanted to try something new with "Magical Journal For Horse Lovers". Anyone familiar with the journal and diaries in the market will probably have noticed how they are filled with pages of repetitive images and/or quotes. I wanted to go beyond this because an inspirational journal should have something new and exciting to open up to every day.

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, "Magical Journal For Horse Lovers" is not only filled with such a wide variety of images to color and fill with designs alongside the open space to journal. It also appeals to a targeted group of people who not only love journalling but also love or appreciate equine art or get inspired by horse drawings that they can color themselves or release some creative aspect while they are journalling. Cindy Elsharouni chose to make this move because the love of horses is so profound that it's common to have everything in a horse lover's life revolve around horses or even more particularly around their own horse.

Cindy Elsharouni states, "I want to give my customers options. With "Magical Journal For Horse Lovers", they have a fresh new possibility. I want them to feel inspired and get an overall sense of enjoyment and achievement. Trying something new is always a risk, but it's a risk I believe is worth taking."

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