In November 2013, polled 100 mental health professionals and found that “communication problems” was the most common factor (65%) that led to divorce. That is still true today and the percentage is not shrinking. (

In Orlando Ceaser’s new bestseller, I Wake up Wanting You ~ Pledges, poetry and promises for Lovers Only, Ceaser states that it should come as no surprise that a couple having communication issues often affect a couple’s romantic and intimate encounters. While climbing the corporate ladder, he realized that sacrificing relationships can be a consequence of success. Ceaser has composed thirty-three (33) poems, which are dialogues, scripts for lovers to communicate their feelings.

I Wake up Wanting You is a resource for romantic partners to speak lovingly, convey their emotions, understand each other better, and spice up their love lives. These poems speak to the physical as well as the spiritual and emotional attachments a person has for someone special. It is difficult for some people to choose the right words to verbalize their feelings. It is not suggested that everyone will feel connected to all the words or comfortable sharing intimate feelings. But hopefully this assortment of recitations will inspire people to dig deeper and share themselves more.

Orlando Ceaser is a prolific writer, professional speaker, thought leader and voiceover specialist for Watchwell Communications, Inc. He spent his first career as a business executive in the pharmaceutical industry. He aspires to entertain, educate and inspire people to unlock their leadership greatness to reach their dreams. He is a well-rounded author writing about many dimensions of the human experience.

Mr. Ceaser has written romantic poetry since elementary school. His high school and college years were spent writing erotic poetry, ghost writing love poems for friends and immortalizing relationships and his wife in verse. His earlier works, My Queen (CD), Teach the Children to Dance and Look for the Blessing contain many romantic poems on relationships. Orlando Ceaser is available for interviews.

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