San Diego, CA; 18, August 2017: Glo on the go a popular mobile sunless tanning company has begun a skin cancer awareness campaign in response of the latest solar flares that scientists have observed this Summer.

This Summer the Earth experienced an abnormal amount of Solar Flares. Solar flares are much more damaging to skin tissue and the effects can be lifelong. Because of higher levels of solar radiation a high dose can cause cancer.

As part of Glo on the go's cancer awareness campaign they have started a new blog. Several guest writers specializing in the effects of solar radiation have so far contributed to the blog making their new blog a useful source for readers interested in preserving their skin and prolonging their life.

Mrs. Kelli Mclean, the owner of Glo on the go, made a statement to local media about the effects of solar radiation and her new blog, “While one of the benefits of my sunless tanning business is beautiful healthy looking skin, there is a much more important health benefit to our sunless tanning services. Solar radiation is extremely harmful to skin tissue, causes premature wrinkles and can potentially lead to skin cancer.”

Glo on the go's new blog has been updated with several insightful and helpful blog posts that are receiving praise from its readers in the comments that has received. The new blog is a collection of tips to prevent sunburn and prolong the health of people who read the blog.

“I initially got into the mobile sunless tanning business because of the beautiful glow that is achieved from the service. But as time went on I realized that I have a duty as a small business owner to help people in whatever ways that I can. Because of this I have put my heart and soul into providing valuable tips to keep your skin looking healthy and prolonging the quality of life for people who read the blog.” Mrs. Mclean concluded.

The blog now has over 25 blog posts and has been syndicated to several major sources. Kelli Mclean urges people who are worried about the health of their skin to visit her blog. The new blog can be found by navigating to this page:

About Glo on the Go:

Glo on the go is a mobile sunless tanning business located in Lakeside California. Their company travels to the location of the client and their services usually take under an hour to perform. The company has a strong reputation in the social media sites and is proving to be a premium mobile sunless tanning service.

For Media Contact:
Company: Glo on the Go San Diego
Address: 9110 Hillman Way
Lakeside, Ca 92040
Phone: (619) 206-5921

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