China; 02, August 2017: Automobiles and the automotive industry is the biggest in the world in terms of employment opportunities and revenue returns. In the recent decades, the automobile industry has boomed into a giant that created its own identity as a matured and established industry with strong roots. The overall innovations and advancements made in the technological sector added to the capabilities of the modern day automobiles and the amenities, features and safety features they can provide to the customers. 

In the early days, car manufacturers around the world did all of their designing and manufacturing activities within the boundaries of the manufacturing plant. But with the rise in demand and to keep up with the supplies, companies these days have turned to third party manufacturing companies. Accessory fittings and other small components like power seat switch, windshield wipers, illuminating parts like headlamps etc are being procured from such third parties. 

This is an acceptable practice as this not only helps the company economically but also aids in meeting deadlines by shortening the production time. For the past five years, Ningbo Donzing Automotive Components Co., Ltd has been in the sector of manufacturing and supplying of automobile accessories, fittings and related electronic components like power seat motor. They are involved in the production and designing of different types of accessory products that are supplied to the international clientele as per their requirements. 

The manufacturing plant of the organization comprises of four distinct production lines with immense output capabilities. The manufacturing unit is equipped with state of the art machinery and automated equipment that makes the manufacturing process a seamless one. All of the products are designed under a strict quality controlled environment that ensures longevity and value for money. The range of power seat flexible shaft from Ningbo Donzing Automotive Components Co., Ltd is the best seller among the plethora of product options available to the client. 

The professional approach of the company towards customer service is the base on which their rapport with the rest of the world is standing on. Queries are attended diligently and issues are sorted out with minimum delay by their customer service cell and a team of technicians under the company’s payroll. 

Since they have been in this area of manufacturing quality controlled accessory components for the automobile industry for the past five years, they responsibly carry out their mission by providing their clients with the best product and service they possibly can. 

About Ningbo Donzing Automotive Components Co., Ltd: 

Ningbo Donzing Automotive Components Co., Ltd is a company based in China that is involved in the manufacturing and supplying of automotive accessories and electronic components. For business queries and general information, feel free to contact the company by visiting their official website mentioned above. 

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Person Name: HU DONG
Company: Ningbo Donzing Automotive Components Co., Ltd.
Mobile/Whatsapp: +86-13738480073
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