Diamond Construction Limited are a highly skilled, professional construction Company in London that could help you to add 1/3 size to your home with an added basement conversion. The team at Diamond Construction Limited use only the highest quality materials for the job, and will take care of every single aspect of basement conversion that your home requires. This includes:

- Plumbing.
- Lighting.
- Damp proofing.
- Electrical work.
- Any additional tasks.

They have undertaken numerous basement conversions in the London area, so have the skills and expertise you need to make a change to your home.

Should You Have A Basement Conversion?

There are a few different things that should factor into your decision to have a basement conversion.

- As a basement conversion will add 1/3 on to your home’s size, you could turn that space into a number of different things. Perhaps you’d like a child’s playroom, or even a game’s room.
- A basement conversion is also one of the smartest ways to add value to your home, but only if everything is taken care of professionally. That’s why Diamond Construction Limited implore you to do your research before settling for a cowboy builder.
- You can actually save money in the long run by opting for a basement conversion, as it means you get more space without having to move home.
- You can also expect your home to become 10% more thermally efficient when compared with homes that are built entirely above ground.

A Basement Conversion Strategy And Budget That Suits You

Going through with a basement conversion can be a big decision, but Diamond Construction Limited can help to make it much easier for you. They can work with you to come up with a plan, get a good idea of your expectations and needs, and then create a strategy from there.

Diamond Construction Limited endeavour to ensure that even the smallest corrections to their plan are made so that you are 100% happy with your basement conversion. The quality of the work given by Diamond Construction Limited will never be compromised, and a plan will always be put in place based on a client’s budget.

Pros And Cons

You can use the Diamond Construction Limited site to see the pros and cons of a basement conversion - https://www.diamondconstructions.com/basement-extensions-pros-and-cons/ . Alternatively, you can contact Diamond Construction Limited with the information below.

Mr. Cezary Zroslak
Company: Diamond Construction Limited
Address: Unit 4, 245 Church Road, Mitcham, CR4 3BH, UK
Telephone: +44 07904837581
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.diamondconstructions.com/services/basement-conversion-extension/

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