The latest version of ESlog borehole logging software is now available.

Earth Science Information Systems (EScIS) is pleased to announce the newest version of ESlog; its free bore log software. ESlog has been in beta testing for the last two years and is now available as Version 1.

ESlog is designed to be quick and straightforward to use. Feedback from commercial users who are using it in conjunction with PLog and ESdat has been very positive.

ESlog, borehole logging presentation software, is simple, fast and intuitive web- based software for the reporting of boring and well log data. No setup or installation is required, and there is no requirement for desktop software. ESlog is easy to use from your favourite web browser with the ability to create borehole logs and see edits as you make them. ESlog remains free to use and will continue to be so.

The ESlog interface is designed to be simple for rapid bore log generation. Templates are available to make the task even more manageable, or you can create and edit your own using your branding. ESdat users export directly from ESdat. pLog users integrate with ESdat & ESlog. Data can also be added manually. Once your bore log report is ready, it can be exported directly to PDF if required.

pLog is advanced geotechnical and geoenvironmental software and the industry leader in geotechnical and geoenvironmental data collection technology. It is the most advanced application for collecting site investigation and environmental sampling data in the field.

ESdat, environmental data management software, is developed by Earth Science Information Systems (EScIS), and used by environmental professionals for a variety of applications including contaminated/industrial sites, groundwater investigations, general site environmental management and landfill.

ESdat is unmatched in its advantages for assisting you with managing environmental data. Its intelligent design enables you to perform many tasks you previously performed manually.

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About us:
EScIS provide environmental and groundwater database software, consultancy, advisory, programming, customization, implementation, and training services.

EScIS also develop and resell the ESdat suite of software. ESdat is used worldwide and is the most widely used environmental and groundwater data management and analysis package in the Asia / Pacific.

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