Cultr has developed a new ready-to-use module aimed at helping companies who, because of the coronavirus, have had to make all their employees work from home. It’s for companies and organisations who are proud of their culture, and who need to maintain a high level of engagement through these trying times. It’s for companies that look for new scalable ways of doing this, while normal town halls, after works, “fikas”, trainings and other get-togethers are off the table.

Most companies have had to react quickly to having everyone work from home. Not just a day or two a week, but 100%. A challenge that reaches far beyond getting everyone to use the many great platforms that exist for collaboration and video calling. It’s about how to keep engagement and belonging high, when there is no possibility to check into the office and catch up with colleagues. It’s about finding productive behaviours at home. It’s about having a bit of fun in times of loneliness. It’s about sharing and caring within teams. It’s about feeding your workplace culture, even if your normal workplace is empty. It’s about keeping business running with energy, creativity and unity.

The work from home module uses Cultr’s proven method of using nudging and peer-influence to help employees become more productive and engaged in their work situation. This approach makes Cultr an action-oriented culture and engagement tool which is used by leading companies to turn their desired culture and desired behaviours into action in a fun and social way.

The work from home module runs for six weeks and is focused on four themes: Focus & Productivity; Keeping up with teamwork; Fun & Belonging and Staying healthy. The expected outcomes are increased engagement, fun, less loneliness and increased productivity. It can be launched within a day, and immediately see the results. Cultr’s work from home module is designed for organisations of 50-5.000 employees.

“We would like to offer this module to all companies and organisations who need it. We hope it can help keep engagement high and keep great company cultures intact as we go through these challenging times.
For companies in real trouble we will try to offer it as Pay-what-you-can. We’d love to help as much as our servers allow.”

Michael Daun, CEO/Founder Cultr


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About Cultr
Cultr is an award-winning tool for shaping culture and engaging employees. Using challenges and mini-missions, it nudges employees to action and creates an authentic view of the culture and people’s actions manifesting it. Cultr is used by mid-sized and large companies to turn principles and plans into massive action. Cultr is based on the assumption that learning from examples of other people’s behavior is a major and likely dominant mechanism of behavior change. Cultr can be customized for any objective, and can be used for short events, to energize existing change projects, or as an ongoing culture platform. Website:

Press contact: Michael Daun, CEO/founder, [email protected], +32 479 978 500

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