Curlfab is providing quality human hair for women who desire to extend their hairs. They have in stock, various products that cover natural curly hairs on women, and the products are of premium quality by 100%. The hairs they provide are equally pure human hairs for an accentuated natural look. Their products are trendy and modern.

The hairs are pre-curled, and the end user can start using them immediately after purchase without most of the time-wasting activities that occur at the salon. The outlet equally provide these various pre-curled human hairs in different textured styles to meet the individual needs of the end users. The human hairs they sell are available in different lengths and shades too.

Curlfab does not produce the hairs they sell; they are more or less a sales agent to many of the top quality hair makers around. They carefully source their wares from highly respected manufacturers with many years of experience. Their suppliers have value for standard, and this is the factor fueling the business relationship between the two of them.

Before taking delivery of the products being sold by these outlets, they properly test the hairs to be sure they meet up to expected quality. They ensure the hairs are free from any form of chemical treatment and this makes the hair the ideal choice for wigs or high-grade extensions.

In an attempt to take customer care to the next level, Curlfab offers customizable services. For one, they give 25% discount to their clients, enabling these buyers to pay less for top quality 100% natural human hairs.  The discount is, however, available only for bulk order. Additionally, they offer free shipping services to their clients if the order is to be delivered in any part of the United States. Their discount and free home delivery services cover all varieties of hair they have on sale, irrespective of the length, color or texture.

Furthermore, Curlfab provides Rush Delivery services for their clients who need the hairs delivered on an emergency. This special service is only provided to those residing within 20 miles of the company, whose headquarters is at Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area.  They always make their deliveries at the exact time they had earlier scheduled.

About Curlfab

Curlfab Premium Hair Care, Inc. is a high-quality hair care business, and they operate in the Greater Atlanta locality. They are a new hair care product company that specializes in 100% human hair extensions.

Sonny Smith
Greater Atlanta, Georgia
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