A leading supplier of quality ammunition since 2009, LAX Ammo understands the difficulties that customers may face when they are seeking to buy ammunition at an affordable rate without sacrificing quality. National ammo supplier LAX Ammo is proud to present their customers the greatest quality ammunition at an economical rate through manufacturing their own high caliber reloaded and new ammunition as well as retailing brand name ammunition such as Winchester, Hornady, Remington, and more. When customers buy ammunition through LAX Ammo’s online store, they can rest assured that they are receiving the greatest caliber ammunition at the best prices.

With both a brick-and-mortar location and an online store, LAX Ammo allows customers to buy ammunition conveniently and comfortably. As a national ammo manufacturer and retailer, LAX Ammo sells ammunition for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and other firearms. LAX Ammo offers the best pricing to customers who buy ammunition in case (or large) quantities, but LAX Ammo also offers smaller quantity purchases on specialty items.

LAX Ammo’s online store lets customers throughout the United States buy ammunition of the greatest caliber at affordable prices. Customers can buy ammunition from the comfort of their own homes and the high quality ammunition will be conveniently delivered straight to their doors. Through their commitment to quality and customer service, LAX Ammo has established a reputation for their high caliber ammo in the ammunitions industry.

About LAX Ammo

LAX Ammo is a premier national retailer and manufacturer of factory new and reloaded ammunition. Committed to excellence and customer service, LAX Ammo lets customers buy ammunition at their brick-and-mortar location and nationally through their online store. For more information about LAX Ammo and their ammunition supply, visit their website at or call 855.407.2666.

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Dave Sanders
Company Name: LAX Ammo
Phone Number: 855.407.2666
Address: Inglewood, CA
Email: [email protected]

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