13, April 2017: Good day! It is good to meet to discuss a possibility to create the coordination council on improvement the relations between Russia and the USA, to do good relations. It can help quicker to improve information policy and a situation in the world. Preparation the initiatives for good development for good decisions together for improvement the social, economic and information policy will be the council's tasks; informational reaction about controversial questions, making arguments so that to improve a spirit for all, other momentous tasks. *This message is in different government organisations (this news big version also is published on the web pages: www.supercyberking.com , www.businesspress24.com/pressrelease1498079 , : you can read many great news; also you can read www.super-dobro.com , www.prbuzz.com/politics-a-public-affairs/384857 for many great news).

Anatoliy Golod

When people read the news how GUIDES (General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service, General director in GUIDES: Anatoliy Golod) from Russia helped to Donald Trump on elections, people like original version: Donald Trump have got new father, who has arranged the son on prestigious work: President in USA (you can read more on the web pages www.supercyberking.com , www.businesspress24.com/pressrelease1498079). Maybe Donald Trump will meet Anatoliy Golod to do more good resullts for good relations in the world. To do good politics, it is necessary to work together. *But you know, that the structures, which organize conflicts, they pay to few departments directors in few official organizations (the conflicts are the guilt of the agents who impede to give the momentous information, because they impede to discuss information, which can help to prevent conflicts), so, if their representatives will impede to give the message, you obviously can find good agents in official organizations, you can say, that you can give the message, to meet, to discuss the information more for good results. Please give this message to your Congressmen, to society, to journalists, maybe they can give it to Donald Trump, it can help to improve world politics. Also if you translate Russian text in the message on www.docs.google.com/document/d/1BE8BVZ69MNFZm2YjwHKRsbaeKxnaNG481tR-ZevAZts/pub , you can know about structures which organized terror attacks (for example about the terror attack on flight MH17 (Netherlands Malaysia), also when you will read about terror attack in Saint Petersburg you can guess why was terror attack on Twin Towers in USA. If to discuss it, we can prevent conflicts, to prevent terror attacks, we can make more good relations, more good situations in the world.


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