Miami, Florida — Delusion Gaming, an interactive gaming, and entertainment company with a focus on creating fun and challenging games for the mobile sphere, has announced the launch of its new app-based game, Candy Words. The game is available for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazon Apps store for Kindle Fire.

Candy Words is an exciting puzzle game that tests players’ word knowledge and teases the brain by prompting them to match letters horizontally and vertically to make words. There are over 900 levels of puzzles in this colorful and exciting new match game.

The word game is suitable for players 4 years of age and up and provides fun for the entire family. Candy Words provides three levels of difficulty ranging from easy to extremely challenging to customize the gaming experience for players of all levels. Younger players can build literacy and word recognition in a bright and vibrant gaming environment they will find fun and exciting while older players will enjoy the more challenging settings of the match game, which will test their word knowledge.

Currently, Candy Words is available in a single-player format in English, but the app’s developers have plans to upgrade the gaming experience in the near future with multi-player challenge modes and with a variety of language offerings, including Spanish and Portuguese.

“We’re excited about the launch of Candy Words and know that players of all ages will love the bright look, functionality, and fun the game delivers,” Said Andrew Baronick, founder and developer of Candy Words. “We’re especially excited at the possibility the game provides for younger players to be able to able to engage with the game and help them build word recognition and literacy skills. It truly is a game designed to provide fun for the entire family.”

To download the Candy Words puzzle game on iOS, visit the Apple App Store at

To download on Android, visit the Google Play store at

CONTACT: Andrew Baronick
PHONE: 786-350-3137
EMAIL: [email protected]

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