(Mass Media Release) With news outlets like the Huffington Post and the Canadian National Post abuzz about Bill Clinton‘s apparent foray into the much-maligned cabbage soup diet, rumors are now swirling that newly wedded Chelsea used the same approach to look her best for her big wedding day.

Sources close to the Clinton family reveal that after berating former President Bill Clinton about his bulging waistline in the months leading up to her wedding, the bride to be eventually suggested he try the controversial cabbage soup diet.

After seeing the weight fly off of her once flabby father, she decided to give the cabbage soup diet a shot herself with fairly stunning results. Pictures of Chelsea in her wedding dress have her appearing as slim as she‘s ever looked.

Despite the undeniable sudden drop in excess pounds, many have the duo pegged for serious weight rebound a common side effect from the cabbage soup diet.

The skeptics are telling the public to keep an eye on the father-daughter pair‘s weight as the post-wedding days, and pounds, add up.

New York City dietitian Jason Feldman works with many celebrities tempted by the allure of rapid fad diet weight loss, and warns them to steer clear. “For someone like the Clintons, who are always in the spotlight, a sudden resurgence of weight is exactly what the tabloids look for not to mention the potential health damage”, adds Feldman.

Feldman adds, “While is does appear that both Bill and Chelsea looked thin and trim in Rhinebeck [New York], the ugly truth behind the cabbage soup diet is that is peels away layers of precious muscle with very little fat lost in the process. Also, because the diet is so restrictive, most people end up gorging themselves and packing on the pounds”.

But not every celebrity-seasoned fitness fanatic is down on the cabbage soup diet. Amy Jung, a Los Angeles based personal trainer of the stars suggests that tapping into the cabbage soup diet for important events, like a wedding, is fairly harmless. “While no professional would ever promote the cabbage soup diet as a long-term weight loss solution, it‘s not going to kill you if you use it once or twice a year when gearing up for a special event”.

“And because this particular fad diet is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, it may even be a healthy departure from the norm for many Americans”, adds Jung.

Time will tell whether the cabbage soup diet-induced weight loss the Clinton‘s experienced will last.

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